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Have you tried Staff Augmentation by Offshoring?

Have you tried Staff Augmentation via Offshoring? This is the perfect time to initiate this cost-effective method.

The year 2020 has forced us to find various alternative options to ensure a cost to return ratio in our technical operations. The newly embraced distributed model of project development has also motivated us to consider hiring global resources in our team with the remote mode of engagement. Many of the organizations are also considering offshore teams, especially from India due to the large availability of technically sound resources with great value proposition due to pricing.

If you are also planning to hire some team members from India for your tech team in remote mode there are a few challenges that you should consider before starting.

  • Considering India is a large market with a sizeable population, finding resources in specific technology may be time taking if you are not familiar with the market dynamics and the sourcing channels.
  • Most of the developers in India are multiskilled hence identifying their strength in the core technology may need approaches that are different from the traditional process of your organization.
  • Your human resource team may need to understand various labor laws and guidelines before actually hiring an offshore team member from India.
  • You also need to understand more about the culture of the country and plan a robust attrition plan to ensure the schedule of your projects doesn’t get hampered if the developers separate from your company.

Understanding the above scenarios it’s always best to hire an Offshore Staff augmentation expert who can actually provide you the ideal candidate based on your project goals.

We @FORTUNE INFOSYS believe in ethical business practices with excellent customer services. You can choose dedicated resources for your company from our offshore development center in India – like permanent, full-time or part-time, or even hourly basis. We bring to you, diverse talents who can provide you the high-quality work.

Working with Fortune Infosys, an expert Offshore IT Staff Augmentation company, you can have peace of mind with the following benefits:

  1. Ease of hiring and Onboarding: Our strong recruitment team ensures quick availability of resources as per the demand of our clients. Clients just need to select from our handpicked resources.
  2. Communication skills: All resources are well versed with communication skills in English.
  3. Comfortable working window: Each remote IT staff to be hired by the client, works as per the timing suitable for the hiring organization.
  4. Information Security: Fortune provides superior, secured IT infrastructure to the hired resources and takes information security at a very high priority.
  5. Verified Resources: All resources hired are thoroughly background checked by Fortune Infosys before getting them onboard ensuring verified track record and social integrity
  6. NDA and Retention: All the hired staff are needed to undersign strict NDA and long-term agreements to ensure client’s peace of mind in terms of resource retention.
  7. Familiar Communication protocols: We make sure the team aligns with the client’s existing communication protocols to provide a seamless experience.
  8. Single point of contact: We assign a single Point of contact to our clients to ensure ease in communication, availability, and smooth workflow.
  9. Easy accessibility and payment convenience: With our presence in the USA, the domestic clients get the benefit of paying directly to the company in the USA and also get local support as and when needed.
  10. Range of certified IT Professionals available for flexible engagement: We provide experienced developers, QA, network & security engineers, cloud & DevOps specialist engineers from India, and you can add them for a specific duration based on your needs.

If you want to learn more about us and our USPs, then just email us at or call us at +17329934151.

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