Custom Software Development

Software Development Lifecycle

The planning stage involves gathering information about the project’s requirement to develop a custom software development plan that fulfills the client’s requirements.
The designing stage involves preparing the infrastructure, defining the technology stack and the system architecture as per the client’s needs.
Once the project requirement is established, we define its scope and document the software’s needs.
Now, our developers start writing codes using the chosen programming language, methodologies, and techniques. Our PMs ensure timely commencement, close and continuous coordination, and provide regular updates about the project to ensure the project remains on track and the development process proceeds as expected.
We assess the software quality by identifying gaps, defects and fixing them appropriately. It helps us hand over thoroughly tested and functional software to our clients.
We do a final check and then deploy the software within the appropriate vertical.
Based on the SLA terms, we ensure regular periodic maintenance and patch upgrades to maintain the competency levels of the software product.

Custom Software Development Services


Custom Development

We understand that every business has specific needs when it comes to software. Accordingly, we develop customized software that precisely meets your business requirements and helps you derive the expected value from it.


Enterprise Mobility

We provide enterprise mobility solutions that enable you to efficiently manage mobile usage following the enterprise architecture and IT security needed for the company.


Digital Transformation

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Data Management

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Software Integration

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Legacy Application Migration

Why let redundant systems and software ruin your business productivity? Migrate your legacy application to the latest technologies with our legacy application migration solutions. We ensure comprehensive and organized migration without any data loss.

Technologies we work with

  • Programming
  • Front End
  • Databases
  • Mobile
  • CMS
  • Cloud
  • Microsoft.NET
  • Python
  • Node-JS
  • php
  • Angular
  • React
  • HTML-5
  • MS-SQL
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • Postgre-SQL
  • iOS
  • Android
  • React-Native
  • DNN
  • Magento
  • WordPress
  • AWS
  • Azure

Emerging Tech our Application developers are working with

Fortune Infosys always ensures its team is getting enough exposure in the emerging technologies to deliver world class enterprise solutions. From the highest level of security with blockchain to reliable automation with AI/ML we can actually break down quite complex functions to work using the Enterprise Architecture and Technology stack.

Artificial Intelligence

Using AI-based algorithms like a machine, vision and deep learning to automate different operation, gain insights from Big Data, ensure fail-safe decisions using the apps.

Internet Of Things

Use IoT devices to monitor various functions and data in a secure, well-built infrastructure continually. The devices will gather Big Data, helping you to streamline these operations, gain spot-on insights, and improve employee decision-making.


Use a private blockchain to make the business data more secure and automate key operations with Smart Contracts. Also create a blockchain-based marketplace, and much more.

Cloud Computing

Use our Microsoft Azure and AWS cloud solutions to make your application environment flexible, scalable, and connected. Use our expertise in enterprise applications development to move your mobile strategy to various cloud platforms.

Big Data

Create scalable ways to consistently improve your business intelligence to develop a reliable way to analyse your data, and give your resources a convenient way to visualize and understand your customers’ preferences and the market’s trends.

Augmented Reality

CBuild 3D prototypes for AR, implement AR in enterprise training software, hold virtual meetings in AR/VR - the technology will elevate the efficiency of your operations, and help you cut costs.

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