Industry Specific Solutions


Custom Software and Platform Development.

Leverage the combined benefit of robust platforms and exclusive industry knowledge and experience suitable for your enterprise.

Our Industry Specific solutions for




Health Care

The Latest Tech

Digital Transformation

Optimize the use of technology, relevantly, in your business’s context for higher efficiency and better decision-making. Ingrain a culture that embraces disruptive changes and helps the organization prepare for sustainability, amidst uncertainties, through our digital transformation solutions.

Cloud & DevOps

Leverage the integrated power of Cloud DevOps to achieve a higher rate of technological efficiency and quality of transformation through our Cloud & DevOps collaborative solutions.

AI & IoT

Create an intelligent and well-connected environment that optimizes every business operation, enables you to optimize data usage, and enables you to make informed and insight-based decisions.


Enhance customer experiences and take them to the next level with customized and powerful VR and AR solutions that use the latest immersive features for better product marketing and understanding.

App Management and Analytics


Custom Software

We understand your technology needs, and develop customized software, specifically designed, developed and deployed to meet your business needs. Our custom software integrates the latest technologies and thus, are scalable, robust, and efficient to handle your existing and evolving requirements.


App Development

We create feature-rich mobile and web applications on a range of platforms and programming languages. Our apps are user-friendly, and designed in a way to help you expedite business. To date, we have created apps for eCommerce, retail, hospitality, healthcare and many other domains.


Digital Transformation

Embrace digital transformation steadily, and in a comprehensive manner through our focused digital transformation solutions. We focus on achieving business excellence through transformations that enable companies to tackle uncertainties, increase their responsiveness toward various business situations, make informed decisions, and tackle uncertainties well.


Technologies we work with

  • Programming
  • Front End
  • Databases
  • Mobile
  • CMS
  • Cloud
  • Microsoft.NET
  • Python
  • Node-JS
  • php
  • Angular
  • React
  • HTML-5
  • MS-SQL
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • Postgre-SQL
  • iOS
  • Android
  • React-Native
  • DNN
  • Magento
  • WordPress
  • AWS
  • Azure

Emerging Tech our Application developers are working with

Fortune Infosys always ensures its team is getting enough exposure in the emerging technologies to deliver world class enterprise solutions. From the highest level of security with blockchain to reliable automation with AI/ML we can actually break down quite complex functions to work using the Enterprise Architecture and Technology stack.

Artificial Intelligence

Our experts are abreast of the latest AI trends that make a difference to the business world. Accordingly, we use them relevantly within your organization’s context to help you automate various operations, fetch business-specific information, and make educated business decisions.

Internet Of Things

We devise IoT solutions that enable you to monitor various business functions and data in a secure, optimized, and well-connected environment constantly. Furthermore, our solutions fetch the necessary insights from IoT-connected devices, enhance operations, and get specific information.


Secure every transaction, and create detailed records of every transaction through our customized blockchain solutions that we devise for a range of diverse business domains.

Cloud Computing

Our experts are adept at multiple Cloud computing platforms and optimize them to your business’s benefit to enhance the flexibility, scalability, and security of your applications. Our expertise includes Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure.

Big Data

Get Big Data solutions that enable you to optimize every bit of business-ready insights generated through a detailed analysis of every aspect and function of business, some of which includes critical business aspects that include resource management, customer buying trends and behavior, industry projections, and many others to help you expedite your journey towards business excellence.

Augmented Reality

Get AR solutions for a range of businesses, including eCommerce, education, retail, hospitality, and many others, to create immersive customer experiences that help them understand your products well and thus expedite their buying decisions.

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