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Fortune Infosys is a new-age software development company that supports the education sector through software applications that disrupt traditional practices but enables its clients to harness technology and enhance their capabilities through customized functions, operational, administrative, and strategic management. The prime focus of the customized software application is to enhance the operational, and administrative efficiency of the education sector. Accordingly, our software development resources, right from researchers, designers to developers, testers, and marketers, work relentlessly toward making a difference in the education sector through value and result-driven software applications.

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Enhance the Effectiveness of your Education Programs Through Customized Software Applications!

Lately, the education sector has evolved significantly. Conventional practices and approaches are on their way towards turning redundant. Creating a competent generation requires educators to embrace disruptive technologies that expedite the overall pace of education, enhance learning effectiveness, and provide empowering education. Accordingly, we craft software solutions and products that align with the current needs of the education sector and help its players enhance their operational and strategic capabilities.

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Features of Our Education Software

  • Workflow Features following the Institutional Hierarchy.
  • Analytics and Reporting for In-Depth Analysis.
  • Enhanced communication between teachers, parents, and students
  • Data loss prevention
  • Considerable time and cost-savings
  • Reduced errors in record maintenance and management
  • Availability of comprehensive learning content
  • Interactive, engaging, and value-based learning
  • Attendance management

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Comprehensive Education Software Application Development Services


Custom Educational Software

We customize educational software to meet the specific demands of our clients from the education sector. Our range of customization includes customizing workflows, features, and functionalities to adding learning content in various languages and thus facilitating an utterly personalized education management software that aims to augment learning and administrative efficiency.

AR/VR-Based Education Applications

We strongly believe that AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) have an instrumental role to play in modern-day education. Accordingly, we leverage these technologies to upgrade learning and make education a truly immersive experience for students. It students learn well, they perform well, and they deliver better!


AI Based Education Apps

Our AI-based education apps foster personalized learning that helps teachers monitor every student’s progress individually, assess every student’s educational needs, increase and improve teacher-student interactions, and simplify many otherwise cumbersome and time-consuming administrative tasks.

Enterprise Training Management

We provide software applications that serve the training needs of corporates across the globe. Our highly customized enterprise training management solutions ensure end-to-end training management, right from training room management, learning management to feedback and reporting. To date, we have helped several corporate clients of ours to streamline training and development through our software application.


Education and eLearning Chatbots

The Chatbots we develop for the education sector enables personalized learning by adjusting themselves to the learning pace of students, conduct individual and group interactions, assist teachers in a lot of administrative tasks, and conduct assessments, and examinations, thus relieving them from various mundane tasks and let them focus more on the learning enhancement part.

Fortune Infosys Offers Eminent E-learning Software Development Services

  • Optimize Student Engagement
  • Improve Teaching Effectiveness
  • Edu-Infrastructure Management

Optimize Student Engagement

Students learn well when they engage with what they learn. Accordingly, our software application integrates the extensive capabilities of AR and VR, comprises learning activities (such as games, language training, memory training, etc.), and facilitates access to content, personalized assessments, etc., that connects them with the learning process and enables them to enjoy learning.


Improve Teaching Effectiveness

Teachers form the base of the education sector. The more effective their teaching methodologies, the better the results they deliver. Our education software bolsters improvements to the pedagogy, enables teachers to complete syllabus on time, helps create custom content, manages modules efficiently, etc.


Edu-Infrastructure Management

We improve educational institution infrastructure by helping schools, colleges, and coaching classes enhance their infrastructure through online fee management, enrollment management, attendance management, timely assessment and results, feedback management, and ensuring transparency among stakeholders.


What is Healthcare Software Development Outsourcing?

Healthcare outsourcing refers to the arrangement by a healthcare institution to have another organization carry out its tasks. These tasks would normally be some key business functions and or activity performed as part of the daily operation in a healthcare facility.

Sometimes, healthcare outsourcing may also involve a specialised custom healthcare software development company to develop software product(s) from scratch, based on a set of unique requirements provided by the healthcare institution. Commonly outsourced activities by healthcare institutions include administrative-related like, billing, human resources, transcription, electronic medical record keeping, etc. In a more bespoke setting, consumer faced and or clinical applications may also be considered for development.

Cost efficiency

Outsourcing software development activities leads to a dramatic cost reduction for companies. By not having in-house teams, companies are able to save an enormous amount of money in staff hiring, onboarding, insurance and other benefits normally given to in-house employees. Outsourcing allows companies to better utilize monetary resources and focus on getting the best value for their money. For example, having an in-house healthcare software developer from North America or Europe would cost significantly more than from an asian country. Companies are able to make use of relaxed and lower labour costs in such countries.

Higher focus on core activities

Outsourcing allows businesses to focus on the primary activities that are responsible for business growth and stability. Operations that take unnecessary resources in the form of laborious man hours are usually the ones outsourced. Freeing businesses, to focus on their specialised services and allocate resources for their improvements. In the opposite sense, if a business considers a chosen service that warrants expert competence. Outsourcing allows those businesses to achieve that, by introducing the world at their disposal to choose from, for the best results. Ensuring the end goal of providing the best service and value to customers is achieved, while staying ahead of competitors.

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