IT Staff Augmentation

We provide the best technical talents from India to join your team remotely.

The Paradigm Shift in the Global Working Culture


Globally medium to large size companies were already embracing the distributed model of human resources since many years. However, from 2020 (post COVID era), it is becoming the essence of business. In this new age the distributed employee setup will be preferred over regular office setup.

To complement this culture a reliable remote IT staff augmentation service provider can add a lot of value like:

The arrangements are quite cost effective, as cost of remote employees are quite less due to the currency conversion rates based on geography.
With constant technology changing hiring trained, experienced, qualified and certified is very easy with Access to large talent pool.
This will reduce the cost of operations and allows easy management of recruitment and attrition.
As it will bring very minimal investment on Infrastructure.
Brings more effective agile practices and sets it as a company standard and improves the morals.
Staff augmentation process allows the clients to have engagements of any time duration and add additional resources as and when needed.

Tech Expertise you can find from our resources

Choosing the right Outsourcing Model

IT staffing services are fully customizable, so there will be a model that will best suit your needs. Hence first access your internal operations and understand how the vendor will provide solutions to your existing problem statement.

Define Expectations from beginning

The goals and design expectations of the project should be determined distinctly. Put up the clear milestones, timelines and clearly identify the progress measuring process with the Staff augmenting team.

Selecting the Right Partner

To kick-off a successful partnership, you should understand more about the philosophy of the company & its stakeholders. Understand their recruitment process and their tech expertise clearly.

Set the communication protocols

Working with IT staffing services requires setting up a clear line of communication and creating an effective feedback cycle. This a key factor for any project’s success.

Plan the deliveries and milestones

Plan the deliverables of your project according to the team hired with the help of your resource augmentation partner. The Staff augmenting companies will prepare a milestone and evaluation plan to align the deliveries and quality of codes.

The Fortune Advantage

To ensure a smooth experience to our clients, we reduce the operational hassles by providing offshore IT augmentation services and taking the operational burdens on our side.

As we have a team in New Jersey which is well versed with the socio-cultural gaps they ensure all resources are globally equipped by extensive training on flexible work culture and emphasizes hard on bringing the best of communication practices apart from technology knowledge.

We strive to bring in not only tech-savvy resources to our team but we also ensure to motivate them professionally and ethically with positive attitude. This helps us to provide highly motivated and well performing resources joining the team of our clients


Ease of hiring and Onboarding

Our strong recruitment team ensures quick availability of resources as per the demand of our clients. Clients just need to select from our handpicked resources.


Working timing

Each resource hired works as per the timing suitable for the Client. All resources are well versed with communication skills in English.


Information Security

Fortune provides superior, secured IT infrastructure to the hired resources and takes information security at very high priority.


Single point of contact

We assign single Point of contact to our clients to ensure ease in communication, availability and smooth work flow.


NDA and Retention

All the hired staff are needed to undersign strict NDA and long-term agreements to ensure client’s peace of mind in terms resource retention.


Verified Resources

All resources hired are thoroughly background checked by Fortune before getting them onboard ensuring verified track record and social integrity.


Familiar Communication protocols

We make sure the team aligns to the client’s existing communication protocols to provide a seamless experience.


Easy accessibility and payment

With our presence in the USA, the domestic clients get the benefit of paying directly to the company in the USA and also gets local support as and when needed.


Range of certified IT Professionals

We have access to the best project managers, business analysts, developers etc. The engagements are flexible in terms of duration and you can scaleup and scale down as and when needed.

Don’t hold your business growth due to lack of technical resources. As action is the foundational key to success Hence call us for a risk-free trial to +1 732 993 4151

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