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Scale Up Your Team With Offshore Software Developers

Scalability forms a critical concern for software development projects. Often, the need for scalability comes with extreme urgency tethered to it. This, coupled with increasing project cost, on the other hand, hassles companies, and in a way, compels them to pick resources at higher salaries and without having much time on hand to gauge their capabilities.

Accordingly, offshore software development is considered a solution to this crucial aspect. It allows companies to hire external resources that work as an integral part of their in-house teams and quickly onboard them. Additionally, it does not require them to hire full-time resources, pay them salaries, and bear employee welfare and administration costs.

Fortune Infosys, one of the US’s leading offshore software development companies, proves a sustainable choice in this regard. It follows a regimented process that enables reasonably rapid facilitation of offshore software developers and further efficient scalability to keep the project’s pace and efficiency unaffected. Here’s more to it through this blog.

Fortune’s 4-Step Offshore Software Developer Facilitation Process

Fortune Infosys Process

Fortune employs an extensive team of highly trained, qualified, and experienced software developers, ready to take up challenging and complex software development projects. The company’s four-step effective procedure involves everything from initial requirement review to offshore scaling that enables companies to complete crucial and intricate software development projects in a hassle-free and timely manner.

  1. Discovery Call

At the outset, Fortune’s project managers set up an initial discovery call that involves understanding the prospect’s and the project’s resource needs. It comprises determining the talent requirement, the various components of the project that the prospect looks forward to outsourcing. Further, Fortune’s staffing team enters the picture. It starts searching for the required type of and the number of resources and lines them up for the next step, which is the resource meeting.

  1. Resource Meet

The next stage is resource meetings. Here, companies meet the prospective team. They are allowed to interview them and interact with them, either in Fortune’s premises or at their own site, to identify the best-suiting people and then inform Fortune about those shortlisted for the zero-risk trial period.

  1. Zero-Risk Trial

This is another opportunity for companies to filter candidates by putting them through a zero-risk trial period, wherein companies can vet their capabilities, monitor the project’s progress, identify pain points, or gaps, if any, and provide Fortune feedback about the resources and inform them about needs that evolve from the initial trial observation and assessment. This proves a critical step, as it enables Fortune to deliver a team, more aligned with the client’s needs.

  1. Efficient and Quick Scalable Offshoring

Once these fundamental steps are done, and both parties identify the most appropriate resources for the project, it is time to collaborate and have the offshore team fully integrate with the client’s existing in-house teams. However, what about scalability? Fortune covers this intelligently through its extensive network of resources and quick hiring workflows. As a result, companies get the required number of resources without any project delays whatsoever.

Coping up with evolving project needs demands a team that enables you to stay aligned and exercise complete control over the project’s pace, efficiency, and outcome. Scalability achieved through outsourced software development proves an effective approach in this regard.

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